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Spring 2020 – Market Update

Hey everybody! It’s Austin Solomon! Coming to you with a quick video update on where the market and things are at.

I hope everyone is staying safe during this time and hanging in there and staying positive during this time. Obviously there is a lot of disarray and things going on and across multiple different industries. Obviously the coronavirus has effected the real estate space quite a bit so we’re doing our best to help people out and also stay safe during this time.

So I just wanted to send a quick video update just to let you guys know what’s happening in the real estate space. So, we’ll just use March as an example, I was doing some research and looking at the data.

In the greater Wausau area, there was about 500 showings the first week of March. In the second week of March, there was about 450 and the third week of March was 350 and then during the last week of March, we had 210 showings.

So, as you can see, the amount of showings has been dropping each week. As we move forward here… and it obviously makes sense. There’s a big push to stay at home and some people are sitting on the sidelines, waiting to see how this all shakes out.

For us as a team, as a company, we’re still able to show houses and conduct business and it really it’s kind of a tough place to be as an agent. We want to stay socially responsible and also, a lot of these buyers we’ve been working with over the last 3-4 months, they’re still looking for houses, still have to be in a place. and they’re still looking.

So really what we’re doing is person by person analyzing what’s the motivation, what’s their circumstance and how can we help them during this time. Anything that we can do and we can shift from being in person and move online, we are. We are doing Zoom meetings and a lot of calls, so we’re limiting the face to face interaction unless we have to.

Really, as a buyer, you could still purchase a house during this time and as a seller, you can still sell. Things are still happening and there are still people that are looking. It’s just kind of an individual comfort level. It depends on each individual circumstance and how can we best work around that.

Just wanted to share this quick market update video. If you guys need anything, let us know. Again, I hope everyone is doing well during this time and staying positive where we can and just thought I’d reach out and check in.

Hope all is well!

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