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Things to Improve Around Your Home

Are you scratching your head thinking, “What can I do around my house?”. That’s a great way to use some free time, especially if you have projects ready for you. Or maybe they aren’t even things you’ve thought of before.

Here are a few suggestions that can really improve a space, appeal and overall improve the value / impression when you’re ready to sell. Even if you’re not ready, it’ll be helpful down the road when you are ready.

1.) Freshen up the colors. Have a room that has wallpaper or a dated color? Now would be a great time to update the room with a modern and neutral feel. Painting is relatively inexpensive and can really impact the rooms ambiance.

2.) Modernize the fixtures. Have some older handles, light fixtures or accents in a bathroom or kitchen. Maybe it’s time to update those. Again, this is a relatively inexpensive project to take on, but it makes a big difference!

3.) Clean and Organize. Closets, extra bedrooms, etc. This is a great project to build-in some additional storage shelves that can make your closets organized and tidy. You’ll thank yourself when this is done! If you want to go above and beyond, paint the added built-in shelving too!

4.) Update outlet covers. Are your current light switch covers or outlet covers looking dingy and dirty? It’s something we don’t think about much but cleaning existing ones or buying some new clean plates (only about 15 cents each) can really clean up an area. If the actual switch or outlet is dated, you may need some electrical knowledge to get that part switched out, but for most of us, the plates are a good start.

5.) Basement time. Have you neglected your basement? Especially if it’s unfinished, it’s great to clean it up, maybe refinish the stone with a special paint or clean up the storage. Unfinished spaces that are clean are much more appealing while you’re living there and also, for future buyers when you sell.

6.) Last but not least, landscaping. If you have time to look at your home from the street level, analyze and think through, “What would I think if I saw this house from the road?” Maybe adding a few simple landscaping updates is in order. Or maybe it’s time to trim / cut down some dying trees.

The list could go on and on and on. There are a lot of resources out there, so thank you for reading ours. If you’re considering selling and want to get custom or personal advice on projects to tackle before your sale, give Austin a call at (715) 212-4693, or drop him a note below!

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