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The Inside Scoop on Radon

We’ve all heard a lot about radon, but what is it and should you be concerned about it?

Radon is an orderless gas naturally-occurring radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. The gas is colorless and odorless ,which is what makes it challenging to detect without a radon test. You can either do a self-radon test with a purchased kit, or you can hire a professional to test the radon level.

In this area, it’s not uncommon to have radon is your basement or lowest level of your home. Throughout Marathon County area there is a higher granite concentration than in other areas and that allows for natural decay into radon that may seep into the basement through the foundation.

Low amounts of radon are considered to be “safe levels” and that is at or below 4.0. Anything above that level is considered to be a “higher level” of radon and can be addressed with a radon mitigation system.

A radon mitigation system essentially uses a fan system to pull air from the soil / ground and exhausts it outside through PVC pipe. In addition to that, cracks and other openings in the foundation are recommended to be sealed in order for the system to operate effectively.

After a radon mitigation system is installed, oftentimes the installer will come back out a few days after and conduct a radon re-test to make sure the system is working as planned.

If you have concerns about radon, you can read more information about radon on the EPA website at: https://www.epa.gov/radiation/what-radon-gas-it-dangerous.


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