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How Do Realtors Get Paid?

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An age old question that comes up more often than you may think! How do Realtor’s get paid? It’s really a great question and that’s why I’ve dedicated a full podcast episode to that – listen to it on you favorite podcast app.

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Unlike most careers that have an hourly or salary rate that slowly grows over your tenure, Realtors get paid on commission. Commission in the real estate industry is often a percentage of the gross sale amount that is earned upon the successful closing of a home or land or real property.

For some, this is fantastic because there is no glass ceiling. The harder you work, the more you earn and the less you work, the less you earn. For others, this sort of income can cause anxiety and fear not knowing where the next deal is coming from… and I think that idea can be true in all of us in varying degrees.

Earning a commission-based income requires you to be thoughtful in how you’re saving / planning so you can sustain your business as an agent over your career. It can be exciting when you get that check after a successful closing, but realizing that your next closing is a couple of weeks or a few months out, will help you keep that “spending” mentality in check.

So… how much do Realtors actually make? Well, that depends too. It depends on the sale price of the home, their commission and a few other factors like area & location. In Central Wisconsin, with the homes being reasonably priced and the economic conditions staying pretty stable, I’d say about $40,000 – $60,000 would be a common average for a full-time agent. That may be quite a bit lower for first-year agents just getting in the industry or part-time agents that do a bit of business on the side, but that is just an average – remember that depends on a number of factors.

The location matters too. In larger cities, Realtors may make more per transaction and therefore they may not do as many deals but have a higher gross commission per sale so they are still making a decent wage. I’ve said it before but it really all depends!

If you’re considering the career, check out this podcast episode on what the career is like and how to get started? Maybe commission gets you excited because you like helping others and working in a sales environment.

If you have a chance to check out either podcast, or both, let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your feedback!

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Does Curb Appeal Really Matter?

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Does Curb Appeal Really Matter?

Many sellers ask me does the curb appeal really matter? The answer is, it depends.

In most situations the answer is yes; however, there may be a few situations where that answer is “not really”.

Let’s start with the “yes”.

For most buyers their first impression of a home comes immediately when pulling into the driveway. From the car, they are making assumptions and assessments based on the exterior condition, tidiness, and landscaping.

Having a clean, well-groomed yard can really improve the appeal of the home with accessible walkways, clean landscaping and little debris in the yard. This obviously can be a bit harder to gauge in the winter when we have a lot of snow.

A few key areas that are often assessed are the condition of the siding, roof and windows. Chipped window or door paint, damaged siding, bent gutters are a few items that can catch the buyer’s eyes right away. The roof can be one of the larger expenses for many homes if it needs to be replaced, and one of the first things buyers look at when gauging the age and condition of the home. Make sure that it is clean and the gutters are too!

Now we’ll transition to when the curb appeal doesn’t matter as much.

For certainly circumstances, namely rentals or investments, the buyers / investors may not care as much about the quality of the home’s exterior. They may be fully aware the home is occupied with tenants and that may be appealing to them because the rents are already coming in.

For investors that are looking to “flip” or “rehab” a property, they may actually prefer a worse condition, to secure a better price and they may be looking to completely remodel the home.

Overall, in most cases, I recommend taking a step back and looking at your home from the road. What do you think? Are there any items that are inexpensive to improve to improve the first impression to prospective buyers.

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Sales Team of the Year 2019

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The Solomon Group Wausau

Austin Solomon, a local D.C. Everest graduate (2015) started his real estate career while attending UW-Marathon County just four years ago (2016). His passion for the real estate industry and entrepreneurship for young professionals has accelerated over the past few years. 

He speaks a few times per year at local high school business classes to educate and encourage the next generation on what it’s like to own a business. As a young professional himself (22 years old, starting at age 18), his message resonates well with future young professionals.

After a few years of individually practicing real estate, Austin started developing and leading a team, The Solomon Group. This past weekend, The Solomon Group was named Sales Team of the Year (2019) at Coldwell Banker Action. This past year, the team helped 260 parties buy or sell, totaling just over 44 million in sales volume, led by Austin Solomon, Realtor & Team Leader.

Solomon shares humbly, a large part of this success can be attributed to his team members, Angie Rhode, Holly Hettinga and Dakota Karlen for working behind the scenes day-in and day-out to provide amazing support for our clients and our team. Our team’s Buyers Agent, Dakota Karlen, who had an amazing first year, earning him the Rookie of the Year Award, a huge honor for first-year agents. 

“To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.” – Solomon quotes a phrase from Simon Sinek.

The Solomon Group wants to thank our office and the leadership at Coldwell Banker Action for paving the way, the many partners in the industry, friends & family for the support, and the clients who choose to work with us! We are amazed at how many good people we’ve been able to work with and the relationships that have been formed over the years. We are encouraged and convinced Central Wisconsin is one of the top places to call home!


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Cold Weather…

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Tips & Tricks To Stay Safe This Winter When Buying Or Selling

Winter can be a lot to handle when you live in Central Wisconsin! In theory it should only last a few months but often sticks around a lot longer than expected. Here are a few tips & tricks for buyers and sellers on staying safe this winter.

  1. Daylight. It’s important to remember the daylight hours decrease quite a bit during the winter months. When you’re scheduling a showing, it’s best to do them during before 5 pm. It’s easy to slip, twist an ankle or get hurt in the dark in an unfamiliar place. For sellers, if you have programable outdoor lights, turn those on! Not only do exterior lights offer a nice ambiance they can help illuminate walkways during the morning and evening.
  2. Ice, ice, ice. It can be slippery out there. If you are a seller, always salt the primary walkway to the home to help improve the access for buyers and agents. You can always leave a bag of salt along the side of your garage or porch and ask your agent to give showing agents a heads up prior to the showing, that if conditions are very slick the showing agent can sprinkle some salt down.
  3.  Plan accordingly. In bad winter conditions, driving to showings may take longer than expected. This can delay showings. As a seller, be prepared to leave your home for a slightly longer time to give buyers more time to view your home. For buyers, plan to leave early to try to stay on schedule and respectful of the sellers time.
  4. Be courteous. The winter can bring a lot of snow, salt and sludge into the home. Try to take your winter boots on the entry rug, if possible. Even if the home is vacant, tracking all that wet residue through the home can cause a lot of wear & tear and additional work for the sellers to clean up. If you’re uncomfortable taking your shoes off, then bring another pair of indoor shoes or booties during the showing.

That’s a wrap! I hope these tips were helpful as you go through the winter months! We still have a few more left!

Austin Solomon | Realtor  with The Solomon Group – Coldwell Banker Action (715) 212-4693


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Small Updates that Make a Big Difference

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Small Updates that Make a Big Difference

There are a a few small things in homes that are relatively inexpensive and can really make a big impact. Check them out below!

  1. Wall colors: The colors of the walls can set the mood in a room. Bright, bright colors can cause someone to feel overwhelmed, while mellow, neutral colors offer a more calming feel. It’s safe to assume more buyers will enjoy neutral colors than something that shocks them when they walk through the door.
  2. Smell: If someone walks into a home that has a strong smell, it can be overwhelming. Doing a good clean and having a few light air fresheners can really make a space feel more comfortable. Hint: try to not have too overpowering of smells, that can be uncomfortable as well.
  3. Amount of Items in a Room: Less is more! Truly! Having too many items in a home can make the space feel smaller than it actually is. Don’t sell yourself short. Take a few boxes and de-clutter shelves, remove extra wall hangings, and extra furniture.
  4. Clean: A clean room is SO much better than a messy room. Tidy the space up with some good old fashion elbow grease. Having a clean home can really improve how someone perceives the quality of the entire home.
  5. Don’t Forget the Details: Organize areas that you may overlook. Yes, I am talking about closets, pantries, basements. It’s not critical that you eliminate your Christmas collection or outdoor gear, not at all! It’s nice to have it organized in bins or boxes. We live in Wisconsin, we all have seasonal items and full basements, but keeping it organized not only presents well, but also helps buyers maneuver around easier if they need to get a closer look at the mechanicals.

These are just a few tips to help you as you’re thinking about getting your home ready for showings!

Provided by Austin Solomon | Realtor with The Solomon Group – Coldwell Banker Action (715) 212-4693