3 Reasons to Buy During the Winter

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Hey everyone, it’s Austin Solomon at The Solomon Group over at Coldwell Banker, coming to you guys live with an episode of The Real – Wausau Real Estate Show.

Today we’re talking about 3 reasons to buy a home this winter, PLUS a bonus reason as well.

The #1 reason to buy a home this winter is less competition versus the spring or hot summer markets. In the winter things cool down, there are less people looking… what does that mean for you as a buyer? That means less competition. If there is a ‘hot home’ on the market that would have had 5 offers during the spring or summer, maybe it only has 1 or 2. There is less competition so that may mean a better price on the home, potentially better terms, and a more enjoyable experience. So to recap, the #1 reason to buy a home during the winter is you have less competition, which can lead to a better price and securing a better deal on a home.

#2 reason to buy a home this winter is that the interest rates are low. It’s at a historic low right now and some of rates we’ve seen slide across our desks have been just fantastic and so as a buyer, take advantage of a good interest rate, plus the potential at getting a good deal in the winter. Two good reasons to pull the trigger this winter, until waiting until spring or summer.

#3 reason to buy, and I had already alluded this one on my first point, is that better price. A lot of times the homes that are sitting out on the market right now would have probably sold in an instant or for $5,000-$10,000 more in the hot spring / summer market because it was such a robust market. Again, getting a better price in the winter when there isn’t as much demand, you can take advantage of during this winter time.

And that bonus reason I mentioned as well, it’s a bit more enjoyable. During the winter the pace is not as quick. In the summer sometimes you have to go and see that house the instant it’s on the market and make an offer to compete against all these other people. In the winter, a bonus reason to buy is it’s more enjoyable, you get to spend more time with your agent, there is not as much pressure to make a quick and rash decision. Although the market is still good, in some instances, you have more time and it’s a more enjoyable experience. 

Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of The Real. Contact The Solomon Group if you want to take advantage of these 3 reasons.

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