Smile You’re on Camera! Showings in the 21st Century!

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Hey everyone! It’s Austin Solomon at The Solomon Group at Coldwell Banker. I’m doing a quick episode, I haven’t titled this episode yet but I wanted to do something in regards to the increased use of cameras and home security systems, etc. and what that means for showings and sellers. 

What I’ve observiced, time and time again, you see ring doorbells, cameras throughout the house and then sound captivation whether that is Alexa or a Google Home, Google Nest, etc. All of these things are totally fine but just as a caution to sellers, what happens when someone puts a camera in front of your face and you’re on video, and they say, “hey, you’re on!”.

The normal thing is maybe you tense up, maybe there is a little bit of extra anxiety and you watch what you say, maybe things don’t come out as clearly and you get a little bit nervous.

The same thing happens, and I’ve seen it, when a buyer goes into a house and they on camera. They know that someone could be watching (a seller) via the devices that are out. Again, there is nothing wrong with it, but it might be a good idea to tuck those away or hide them, because again when people are on camera, they tend to tense up and that nervous feeling isn’t exactly what you want when you’re looking to buy a house.

The other thing too, I’ve heard this as well, when there is a lot of camera and security around on the outside of the house. A lot of times buyer’s will say, “hmmm… is there a problem with theft or crime? Why are all these cameras out, it kind of makes me nervous.” 

Again, just a couple cautions about those things. If you’re a seller, you might consider taking those things down or again don’t have them as prevalent when showing. And then, as a buyer, another thing too is likely I would assume that when you go into a house, just know you need to watch what you say. You don’t want to go in and start criticizing people, not people, but the house, people’s way that they live, or things about the home and you might offend them. You don’t want to do that as well. You have to watch when you’re looking at homes. You have to watch and know that hey, you could be on air.

So, just a couple of tips for showings in the 21st century!

Subscribe to our podcast on SpotifyApple Podcast or YouTube. Search: “The Real Wausau Real Estate Show”.

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