Best Agent Near Me

Are you looking for the best agent near you? What does it mean to be “good” at real estate and how can you know if you’re working with a good agent. Here are a five tips to consider when you’re looking for an agent!

1.) Do they have good past client feedback? How they treated past clients, partners and others in the transaction may say something about their business style and how they conduct themselves. Good feedback is generally a good sign! Remember, in real estate, each agent is a business owner and how they conduct their business may differ from the next.

2.) Are they experienced and responsive? Experience isn’t everything but it sure helps! They’ve experienced more transactions and can better advise and help you based on what they’ve seen in the past. They may have more market knowledge as well depending on the number of years in the industry and the number of transactions completed as well. Being responsive and prompt is something that’s important in an agent too. You want someone who is working hard for you and is available to help you quickly and efficiently.

3.) Are the professional, honest and can you trust them? This is a “gut question” you have to ask yourself. Do I trust this agent to help me with what could be my largest purchase or sale. If you do not trust them, maybe it’s not the best fit for a professional relationship in your sale or purchase.

4.) Do you enjoy working with them? If you’ve talked with them or met with them for a consultation, what was your impression of them? Did you enjoy working with them, feel comfortable talking with them? If yes, it’ll probably be good fit! If you felt uncomfortable, unvalued, it’s probably ok to keep looking for another agent.

5.) Has anyone recommended them to you? A word of confidence from a close friend or family member can go a long way. If you’ve heard good things from multiple people chances are they’re likely a good agent!

There are a lot of other factors that go into selecting an agent that’s right for you but I hoped these 5 are helpful as you narrow in. If you’re interested in buying or selling, I’d love the opportunity to earn your trust. Let’s get in touch! Send me a message below or you can call / text anytime Austin – 715-212-4693.

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